Just this moment, just this blog: The Benefits of Mindfulness

Just this moment, just this blog: The Benefits of Mindfulnesshead

It is so easy to go through our days scrolling, scanning and swiping. However, BEFORE you scroll through this blog post to see if any bold or capitalized words capture your interest, pause a moment. What is the hurry? Why are you rushing? What are the effects of rushing through the world? What could be the effects of not rushing?

Our brains need to be on autopilot and tune out information sometimes. Imagine if you had to deliberately attend to every sight, sound, feeling, or thought that came into your awareness each second! Overwhelming, right? However, with so much in our environments, we have gone to the other end of the spectrum of staying in autopilot much of the time.

I would like to challenge you to actually do things differently. Challenge you to notice, experience, observe, and describe (before scrolling, scanning, or swiping of course). Read below to find out more benefits of slowing down and being mindful during your day.


Mindfulness merely means being open and curious about what you are experiencing in the present moment. Research has identified several positive benefits of mindfulness. These include reduced rumination, stress, and emotional reactivity. Other benefits include increased focus, working memory, cognitive flexibility, and relationship satisfaction. In fact, research on mindfulness suggests that it may lead to changes in the structure and neural patterns of the brain.


Are you willing to try an activity? Starting small with an activity that focuses the mind on a particular sensation is a good place to start. Try this brief mindfulness activity from UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center.


You can practice mindfulness alone or in a community. You will learn various activities to focus your attention and other activities to help you open your awareness. Try both and see which work for you at this moment.


Intense emotions, rumination, and stress can negatively impact people in various ways. If you or someone you know experiences difficulty letting thoughts or emotions come and go or staying in staying in the present moment, the trained therapists at Behavioral Associates, Los Angeles can help. You can contact us at Behavioral Associates, Los Angeles to find out more about what treatment may be right for you.

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