New Patients

Steps to Become a New Patient at Behavioral Associates Los Angeles


  • Our fees vary between $250 and $350 for a 50 minute session.
  • The varying rates depend on the therapists clinical experience.
  • Group therapy is available at a reduced rate of $120/session.

We do not accept payments from insurance providers. Receipts that include all the information needed for a reimbursement will be provided. Our services are considered “out of network” by insurance providers and are reimbursed at a rate that is different from ” in network “. Please make sure to find out your insurance provider’s rate of reimbursement prior to contacting us.




  • Our office is located at 462 N.Linden, Suite 430, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
  • Building and metered parking available (see below for details)

Metered parking is available in the parking lot across from the building on Little Santa Monica Blvd. (entry to the metered parking lot is from Roxbury Blvd).  Building parking is also available — entrance to the buildings parking lot is on N.Linden.  Both elevator and stairs access are available.




pdf-icon-vectorimageAfter speaking with a psychologist to review your symptoms and schedule your initial consultation, please download and print the provided medical history forms.  Make sure to fill the forms out ahead of time and bring them to your initial consultation appointment.  Completing the forms beforehand will eliminate arriving 30 minutes early and will facilitate the evaluation process.